reclaimed wood table-setSome of the most creative and unique designs are those where two rather different materials come together to form something exciting new.

And nowhere is this fact more evident than in the amazing furniture designs by Mac+Wood.

Mac+Wood is a furniture designer from London UK who specializes in dining tables, benches and soon also office desks made from reclaimed wood and brushed steel.

The combination of the old reclaimed wood timbers with their warmth and natural patterns and impurities together with the brushed steel makes for some truly unique furniture pieces as it can certainly see from the pictures I added into this post.

But Mac+Wood’s furniture pieces are not only stunning to look at, one may well say they are virtually indestructible. If you look at the images you may perhaps get a first glimpse of the ruggedness of those designs.

This ruggedness along with the unique and very classy design is one reason that the company’s creations currently are very popular amongst numerous commercial venues that may range from bars to upscale restaurants. But more and more private persons are now also showing interests in the company’s creations and choose the desks or benches for their own kitchens, living rooms or outdoor areas.

If you’re interested in a solid wood dining table that will truly make an impression with anyone, I highly recommend that you see the reclaimed furniture designs by Mac+Wood.